Telescoping R.O.M. Elbow

Sizes: regular, long

The Telescoping Elbow was designed for all of your orthopedic elbow needs. The unique design reduces brace migration and maintaining proper positioning. Creating a comfortable environment to facilitate healing.

Common Examples of Use

  • Non surgical or post-op elbow procedures
  • Stable fractures of distal humerus
  • Stable fractures of proximal to middle radius or ulna
  • Tendon and ligament repairs
  • Controlled immobilization for sprains and strains

Product Features

  • Malleable cuffs capture soft tissue and maintain hinge alignment
  • Push-button telescoping uprights for perfect fit
  • Drop Lock Mechanism for quick immobilization in any position from-10° to 110° in 10° increments
  • Locks the elbow in any position
  • Optional shoulder strap included
  • Optional supination/pronation hand attachment
  • Optional neutral hand position hand attachment
  • Plush padding for comfort fit
  • Customizing arm contours for the hand to fit
  • Telescopic length adjustment at forearm and biceps
  • Adjustable strapping system

Indications: Soft tissue strains / repairs, Post-op Surgery

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